Let’s Get This Party Started

OK,…. Here is the first official post to Dunham Homestead Blessings.  I have never been a very good writer, as evident by my shorter than usual stay at The United States Military Academy (West Point).  Cow (junior) English and I did not get along very well, but here I am in Ohio 12 years later loving it.  We started Dunham Homestead Blessings this year to hopefully be our full time jobs from here on out.  We had a slow start, and we had to keep other occupations going to pay the bills.  If you are in need of computer work, let me know.  I do everything from graphic design, printing, web design, network infrastructure, and pretty much everything else associated with computers.  My father and I also started working with a CNC router which I have been learning how to draw in CAD and generated the tool paths for cutting.  I will be displaying some of our work on here as I get this site fine tuned.  As always, the “web designer’s” website is always the last one to get worked on.  At The Dunham Homestead, we are collecting sap for maple syrup, tending to the honey bees, playing around with several different types of animals, making natural cosmetic items, cutting items on the CNC router, and numerous other projects to keep us overextended and going crazy.  Just give a call if you want to talk about homesteading.  We love to talk about different methods of becoming self sufficient.  Ultimately I (Ben) would like to get some homesteaders together and organize a homestead boot camp.  I registered the domain HomesteadBootcamp.com in 2011 with high expectations for the future.  Thanks for reading the update, and I hope you will visit more as the site transforms through the years.