Homemade 12 Frame Honey Extractor

This has been a long time coming.  I started out in a 55 gallon drum as a two frame spinner.  As you would guess, moving from a 2 frame to a 12 frame cuts down on a lot of time.  There have been a few issues along the way, but this extractor worked great.


Here is my uncapping bucket.  The frame rests on the screw that is on the top bar allowing it to spin around freely as I uncap the frames.  The screen catches the caps and allows the honey to continue to the bottom with the valve.


Here are the guts of the extractor.  I cut the bottom and top plates out of 3/4 inch plywood with a CNC router.  After all the bugs are worked out, I will re-cut out of 3/4 inch HDPE.  I drew the patterns in Adobe Illustrator then exported them to BobCad to generate the toolpaths.  Notice the pulley at the top is out of an old drill press.  I used the drill press motor with the same belt and pulley system.


There is the completed unit with stand and steps.  The drill press motor and pulley system.  Also, you can see the 40 frames that I am getting ready to extract.


A look down into the extractor where the frames get loaded.


View from the other side where the honey exits the extractor and goes into a bucket.


Let the honey flow.  Sweet gold pouring from the extractor.

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