Pressing Cider with a Smile

We started out the night getting our apples and getting all of the cider press tuned up.  This is a press that I have been working on for a few years now.  I modify a few items each year as I turn it into a “well oiled machine.”  This first press what the best first press we have had, since we get a little more organized each year.


Giving the apples a good hydrogen peroxide wash.


Grinding the apples up into apple mash


 Load the press up, and we are ready to squeeze the juice out of them.


The sweet nectar flows out of the apple and into our bucket!


This is soooo much fun.


Just about all squeezed out.


What remains after the juice is pressed out.  This year I want to make an attachment to the Cider Press which I named the “Candy Apple Press.”  The attachment will be a deer block attachment.  I will add a few choice ingredients to the apple pulp and press it into blocks that the deer will love.

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